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Archaeological Sensitivity Modeling for Cultural Resource Inventory

Archaeological Sensitivity Modeling for Cultural Resource Inventory
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Survey in a rugged region known as the Pinal Highlands, has historically consisted of coverage limited in scope. While scholarship surrounding landscape use derives from few archaeological investigations conducted here or from happenstance findings, much of the land and its past occupants' histories remain poorly understood. Posed at the edge of varied archaeological landscapes the Pinal Highlands hold more than is presently known. Recent survey efforts in a remote portion of the Highlands resulted in the documentation of an interesting archaeological phenomenon habitations and resource processing locales, are characterized by the use of geologic formations tentatively termed "hanging valleys." Aiding land managers, cultural resource specialists, and clients alike, a model positing archaeological sensitivity and spatial suitability in the Highlands is now developed. Upon spatially defining and isolating the biophysical characteristics and thus, the locations of "hanging valleys", this model might be used in cultural resource inventory and project design planning, as well as elucidating our understandings of settlement systems in altogether, modernly inaccessible topographies.

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