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Instructor Led Workshop

Instructors: Patrick Connolly-Boutin

Workshop Description: 

Today's organizations need to make informed decisions in a timely manner based on an increasing amount of data from many sources such as cloud, drones, databases, IoT devices, web services, etc. These data-driven decisions have greatly increased the importance of organizational data, as it is no longer siloed and used by only one department. This brings data quality, processes and interconnectivity into play. In this workshop, learn how FME, an ETL-based technology with a rich spatial toolset allows us to leverage your organizational data in automated workflows. We will first start with the development of FME processes through hands-on exercises using FME Desktop to integrate, synchronize, validate, and transform data. Then we will see how to automate these processes at the FME Server/Cloud level using different mechanisms such as:

• Job scheduling
• Automatic job triggering through directory watching
• Notifications Pre-Requisites: General knowledge of GIS. AGENDA Introduction to FME
• What is FME Desktop?
• What FME Server does?
• Explore the FME Server interface
• Publishing FME Workspaces to FME Server Creating FME Server processes and services
• Scheduling and managing tasks
• Implementing on-demand tasks

Audience: Anybody who has to manage data.

Take Away: Knowledge of FME Desktop and FME Server General knowledge of ETL and data process automation

Fully-configured laptops will be provided for up to 18 attendees.