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Instructor Led Workshop

Instructors: Bo Guo, Gene Zhang

Workshop Description: 

Come join us in this 4th installment of the workshop series to get acquainted with SQLite, the portable, browser-friendly, free and open source sql engine poised to become the shapefile of the future! We will discuss what makes SQLite different from other SQL database engines along with some use cases for SQLite. We will also discuss the battles of spatial extensions, in particular SpatiaLite and GeoPackage. There will be series of labs designed to get students started using SQLite within some popular GIS software.

Fully-configured laptops will be provided for up to 18 attendees. 

BYOD Option Additional attendees (up to 15) may attend by bringing your own laptop.  

If you choose to participate by bringing your own laptop, and space is still available, you will be provided with a seat at a table, access to power for plugging in your laptop, and instructions to connect to the conference center WIFI.

Requirements for bringing your own device (limited to 15 attendees and you must be registered for one of these spots):

  • Laptop with Windows XP or higher (a Dell Mini is the lowest powered device that can be used)
  • GIS Software (either one):
    • ArcGIS version 10.x
    • QGIS 2.18
  • Administrator access to the Windows OS as part of the class requires installing software
  • Internet access to download files for configuration (wireless access available in the workshop room)