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Instructor Led Workshop

Instructors: Bo Guo, Howard Ward, Shujing (Viv) Li

Workshop Description: 

EMAP (EMergency Address Portal) is a web-based application to assist the Arizona public safety community with improving their GIS data for emergency response. Designed for both the GIS and non-GIS user, the tool provides a platform for address verification, editing, and creation.

The workshop has three sections, Section I is a tour on EMAP capabilities and features. Section II is demo on known use cases. Section III is open to the participants on any use cases that matter to them.

Who should attend: This workshop is for everyone who has a need to work with addresses at all levels of government in Arizona. 

Fully-configured laptops will be provided for up to 18 attendees. 

BYOD Option Additional attendees (up to 15) may attend by bringing your own laptop or ipad/tablet.  

If you choose to participate by bringing your own laptop, and space is still available, you will be provided with a seat at a table, access to power for plugging in your laptop or device, and instructions to connect to the conference center WIFI.

Requirements for bringing your own device (limited to 15 attendees and you must be registered for one of these spots):

The only requirement to bring your own device to this workshop is that your device is able to access the Internet via a web browser.