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Young Professional Networking Panel

Presenter(s):  Hayley Miller

Abstract: Navigating Your Purpose Description: Your GIS career allows you to dive into technology and make a difference, but how can your GIS career translate into your personal passion? Learn how to diversify yourself through your work-life balance and maintain your passion for GIS. We will discuss the importance of creating a well-rounded life and how this well-rounded life translates to a better career. Panel Goals: - Discuss the importance of following your passion in both career and personal ventures - Learn how others are combining GIS and passion to create a well-rounded life - Discuss how to limit career burn out and maintain focused energy at work.

Key Takeaway: Being successful in the GIS world as someone new to it.

Intended Audience: Young professionals interested in GIS careers

About the presenter(s):

Hayley Miller is a Solution Engineer at Esri. She started as an intern at Esri. She is a current grad student studying MS-GIS.