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Why you should centralize and automate your data import management using FME

Presenter(s):  Patrick Connolly-Boutin

Abstract: Today's Municipal or County GIS departments are dealing with an increasing amount of data that must be managed and served across the organization. As GIS increasingly becomes a key information source, other departments rely on the quality and timeliness of this information for decision making and operations. Most cities rely on a mix of manual or semi-automated data integration processes and scripts, which become cumbersome to manage over time as the volume and complexity of data increases. The City of Burlington was facing this challenge. It was managing many python scripts and manual processes to prepare and keep data such as parcels, taxation information and assets up-to-date. In this presentation, see how the GIS department used visual driven FME, an ETL tool to automate and centralize data import processes, for the creation of derived data layers as well as validation and reporting. It resulted an applied method and clarity on how or when data was moving within the organisation.

Key Takeaway: 

Intended Audience: Anyone who has to manage data

About the presenter(s):

Patrick Connolly-Boutin is a Data Integration Developer and Certified FME Server Professional at Consortech Solutions Inc.