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Unmanned Aircraft as a disruptive technology in surveying

Presenter(s):  Matt Mintzmyer


Context- The purpose of this presentation is to explain the importance of unmanned aircraft systems in surveying using drones and advanced sensors. Additionally, I will provide a comparative analysis between traditional methods and newer potentials in the unmanned market.

Objective- The objective is to provide examples of different surveying methods and opportunities. We will be providing a process flow for integrating UAS into surveying.

Methods- A comparative analysis was used over 80 acres in Chino Valley AZ in April. During this research project, we used information gather from a stand alone drone, a surveyor using traditional surveying equipment (Trimble and rover), and advanced GPS enabled ground control points.

Results- we concluded that using advanced sensors and GCPs will enable surveyors to conduct surveys with a tremendous savings in time and accuracies. In our case, the survey was cut down from eight hours, to 45 minutes and provided more accurate information.

Key Takeaway: The key takeaway is to understand the capabilities of surveying with the use of unmanned aircraft and advanced sensors to streamline process flows, increase safety, and reduce costs.

Intended Audience: Engineers, surveyors, cartographers, public services professionals

About the presenter(s):

Professor Mintzmyer is an FAA certified Pilot with 13 ratings in helicopter, airplane, and UAS. He holds an MBA through Grand Canyon University. Has been teaching at Yavapai College since 2012. Currently preparing to mobilize with SEAL Team 17 as a UAS Operator flying the Puma and ScanEagle drone overseas.