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UAS-based LiDAR for Pre-Construction Survey and Transportation Applications

Presenter(s):  Ryan Burley


Transportation professionals continually look for advanced technologies to reduce overall survey costs, staff time in the field, and reduce risk to staff in high traffic volume situations. There is a significant increase in the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to support the capture of highly accurate terrain models, especially in areas of dense vegetative cover or unstable topographic (geohazard) conditions.   This presentation will discuss the technology available and what systems and sensors are currently being utilized to meet DOT data accuracy standards.  Additionally, we will cover several State DOT case studies for performing UAS-based pre-construction design and Geohazard surveys.

Key Takeaway: The audience will learn that UAS can be safely deployed for effective acquisition of LiDAR and imagery from which features and elevation can be extracted to meet DOT design accuracy specifications.  Themes such as ROI, cost savings, and efficiency gains of using UAS will be apparent throughout the presentation.

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in learning more about the  UAS operations, systems, hardware and methods utilized to achieve DOT design grade accuracy specs for a variety of Transportation Applications including pre-construction design survey and geohazards

About the presenter(s):

Ryan is a 20 year GIS/RS Sales Professional dedicated to promoting the advancement of UAS-based Remote Sensing adaptation and utilization in the Transportation sector.