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Solving for Waste: ArcGIS's Network Analyst & Solid Waste Management

Presenter(s):  Stephen Gushue

Abstract: As municipalities facing a growing list of challenges to balance both the needs of their citizens and the constraints of their budgets, more innovative means are required to manage a complex world. Starting in the Fall of 2018, City of Mesa Solid Waste Services began to test and implement ESRI's Network Analyst tools to meet several operational challenges. Several months in, the analyses serve as useful data when evaluating operations management decisions. There is now a regular reliance on the Origin-Destination solver and the Vehicle Routing Problem solver to model analyses related to service delivery questions. This presentation is aimed to provide a welcoming introduction to the tools and to encourage other municipalities to feel comfortable with deployment of such innovations to their pressing challenges.

Key Takeaway: With the proper and available datasets this tool is easily deployed for analytical questions.

Intended Audience: This presentation is aimed at data analysts and GIS managers looking to solve pressing problems where logistics and costs are a paramount issue.

About the presenter(s):

Stephen is the Operations Research Analyst for the City of Mesa's Environmental Management & Sustainability Department, primarily focused on the logistics and finances of the Solid Waste division. Stephen utilizes GIS analytics on a regular basis to determine best operational practices and support the operations of a heavy industry fleet.