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Silos In, Solos Out: Building ADOT's Dashboard Culture

Presenter(s):  Bo Guo, James Meyer

Abstract: It was not a surprise that ADOT MPD's Data Review project revealed many data/system silos throughout the department.  What was surprising was that the project team's attitude toward silos changed and so were the approaches to integration and data sharing.    The presenters will 1) discuss our on-going journey towards effective system integration and dashboarding,  and 2) explain architecture and technologies designed under the basic data governance principles are used to connect and enhance silos.  The presentation high-lights the need for a cultural shift towards embracing silos of excellence!

Key Takeaway: Data Governance and Integration, Data Pipeline building, Dashbaord building

Intended Audience: GIS / IT managers and architects, Data integration practitioners and Data Analyst People in Transportation and NG 911

About the presenter(s):

Dr. Guo has over 25 years of GIS & IT experience in the government space.  He is the founder of Gistic Research, Inc.

Mr. Meyer has over 20 years of GIS experience and is the Data Analytics Manager & HPMS Coordinator in ADOT.