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Scripting in Python for ArcGIS – Building on the Basics (1st OFFERING)

Presenter(s):  Jennifer Harrison


This workshop teaches how to write scripts in Python for GIS beyond what is covered in the Python for ArcGIS Basics workshop. It assumes a basic knowledge of Python syntax and rules, and a good understanding of ArcGIS. We will discuss using conditional statements to compare values, looping constructs to create scripts that work on multiple datasets, and using the List functions in ArcGIS. We’ll also help you get more comfortable with Python syntax, and learn more ways that Python can be incorporated into your GIS workflows.

Key Takeaway: Participants will build on their basic scripting knowledge, so that they can better write scripts to help with their GIS data management tasks.

Intended Audience: This workshop is for GIS professionals who have been through the basics of Python workshop or who have some very basic knowledge of scripting in ArcGIS.

About the presenter(s):

Jennifer Harrison is the CEO of TeachMeGIS. Jennifer has a B.A. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Geosciences from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky.  She has been consulting in the GIS field since 1992 and has been teaching Esri software (ArcGIS, Workstation ARC/INFO, AML® and ArcView) since 1997.  Jenny has been named one of ESRI's top 5 instructors in the US for several quarters.