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Maintaining NG 9-1-1 Data. Many Roads, One Goal

Presenter(s):  Howard Ward, Bo Guo, Brian Brady


Three presenters offer insight through three 25 minute presentations on different approaches and tool sets for updating and maintaining NG 9-1-1 address, road and emergency service boundary data.

Howard Ward will present a brief overview of the four ongoing Arizona NG 9-1-1 Data Improvement Projects and discuss insights and ideas on how to use basic GIS desktop tools to review and maintain these data sets into the future.

Bo Guo will present an overview and latest developments in the Arizona Geospatial Intake and Validation (AZGIV) tool, a web-based tool freely available to the Arizona 9-1-1 community which can be used to find and flag errors in NG9-1-1 data sets. This approach is compatible with desktop editing workflows, and a brief demo of these capabilities will be provided.

Brian Brady will discuss cloud-based approaches to validating and maintaining NG data, including workflows, types of tools and illustrate the power of collaborative data editing via the Cloud.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will come away with an understanding that there are many approaches to maintaining NG datasets and some insight as to how to implement one or all of these approaches in their own organizations.

Intended Audience: NG9-1-1 professionals who will be responsible for maintaining these datasets.

About the presenter(s):

Howard has been a practicing GIS professional in Arizona since 1990.  Since 1998, as co-founder of TerraSystems Southwest Inc, a GIS consultancy in Tucson, he has participated in hundreds of successful GIS efforts, from strategic planning, through data evaluation and conversion, to application development and deployment.  For the past five years, as a consultant to the State's 9-1-1 Program, he has worked on helping local 9-1-1 systems across the State prepare their data and operations for the coming world of NextGen 9-1-1.

Dr. Guo has over 25 years of GIS & IT experience in the government space.  He is the founder of Gistic Research, Inc. and architect of AZGIV and EMAP.

Brian Brady, GISP, is a Public Safety GIS Expert and Senior GIS Architect and Administrator at Michael Baker International with over twenty-four years of progressive experience across a broad range of diverse industry segments to include 9-1-1 and public safety needs.