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Lessons Learned from an sUAS Group: Year 2

Presenter(s):  Chuck Powell, Jack Taylor


After a breakneck speed of Year 1 we are flying multiple missions monthly across all our disciplines (Natural and Cultural Resources, Engineering and Survey). Recap of Year 1 takeoffs and turbulence we encountered in training, software, aircraft, safety and missions. We will discuss how Year 2 is progressing and what we wish we knew before we started. We dive into our reasons on software and aircraft choices.  How much training we have completed and our strategy of ongoing training. Plus looking at the path ahead in year 3 and beyond.

Key Takeaway: The limitations of UAS & software (weather, time and battery life), mission planning issues, training and ideas on sUAS project.

Intended Audience: Remote Pilots, Land Managers, and Data Analyst

About the presenter(s):

Chuck Powell Aerial Data Acquisition Group Manager  with close to 20 years experience in cultural resources and environmental consulting. He is a Part 107 Remote Pilot, Geomentor, and father.

Jack Taylor sUAS Coordinator. Recent Graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He is a Part 107 remote Pilot and professional photographer.