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Learn the Basics of Spatial SQL and Open-Source PostGIS in Three Hours

Presenter(s):  Rudy Stricklan

Abstract: Structured Query Language (SQL), together with the PostGIS spatial extension to the open-source PostgreSQL relational database system, is the ultimate geospatial data storage and query technology combination that can be used with any proprietary or non-proprietary GIS software. In fact, learning spatial SQL will change the way you think about GIS data queries and replace many of those "wizards" that may have limited your approach thus far to GIS. This half-day workshop will explain the fundamentals of spatial SQL and PostGIS by stepping through a comprehensive GIS data storage and analysis scenario on lab computers installed with the latest versions of PostgreSQL and PostGIS.

Key Takeaway: The concept that geospatial data is just another data type in a relational database like dates or currency values, and that it can be completely managed and queried using spatial SQL.

Intended Audience: Anyone with a basic familiarity with any proprietary or open source GIS, in any application field.

About the presenter(s):

Mr. Stricklan is a Principal with Mapping Automation, a cyberconsultancy specializing in geospatial technology. He has been involved in automated mapping and GIS activities since 1972. Mr. Stricklan is a registered Land Surveyor in Arizona, and is a Certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP). He is an Emeritus Board Member of the Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC), and a past State Chairman for the Arizona Professional Land Surveyors Association. Mr. Stricklan was an Adjunct Faculty Associate Lecturer for the ASU and UofA Masters in GIS degree programs, and is a Silver Diploma ME graduate of the Colorado School of Mines.