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Introduction to Survey123

Presenter(s):  Karen Blevins

Abstract: Survey123 for ArcGIS allows the user to create simple, location-based surveys from within Esri's ArcGIS Online environment. Surveys can be shared to a specific group or the general public and the data gathered can be downloaded to Excel for more robust data analysis. This session will provide step-by-step instructions for creating a simple survey that uses single- and multi-text, multiple choice, and images as part of the data collection process. At the end of the session you will learn how to access and configure a simple survey from within the Survey123 for ArcGIS within Esri's ArcGIS Online environment. You will develop and share a simple survey and download the results into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Key Takeaway: Those attending will leave with a basic understanding of the workflow for creating a simple online survey using Survey123 for ArcGIS.

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in learning how to use Survey123 for ArcGIS as a data collection tool.

About the presenter(s):

Karen Blevins is the Geospatial Technology Program Director at Mesa Community College (MCC). Ms. Blevins obtained her master's degree in Geography with an emphasis in Geospatial Technologies from Arizona State University in 2002. She has been teaching introductory through advanced coursework in GIS and remote sensing at MCC for over 15 years.