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Introduction to Story Maps

Presenter(s):  Karen Blevins


Esri story maps are ideal tools for communicating location-based information. Story maps are used by a variety of organizations and agencies to help the public understand their purpose, current projects, and the results of past projects. This session will provide step-by-step instructions on how to create a simple story map using esri’s basic map tour template. This session will cover how to access and select an appropriate story map template, work with spatially- and non-spatially-aware images, and how to configure text, maps, and sharing information associated with a story map.

Key Takeaway: Those attending will leave with a basic understanding of the workflow for creating a story map using esri's map tour template.

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in learning the basics of story maps.

About the presenter(s):

Karen Blevins is the Geospatial Technology Program Director at Mesa Community College (MCC). Ms. Blevins obtained her master's degree in Geography with an emphasis in Geospatial Technologies from Arizona State University in 2002. She has been teaching introductory through advanced coursework in GIS and remote sensing at MCC for over 15 years.