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Introduction to FME for CAD to GIS

Presenter(s):  Patrick Connolly-Boutin 


Do you spend a lot of time integrating/converting between CAD and GIS data? Safe Software’s FME Desktop might be the right tool for you! In this workshop, you will learn how to develop and build Workspaces in FME focused on pulling data from CAD drawings or pushing GIS data back out into nicely structure CAD objects. Learn some best practices, and how to overcome some related data challenges.

Here’s a few topics that will be covered in this 3-hour workshop:

• Introduction to FME and data conversion basics
• Data transformation
• FME best practices
• Transformation components
• The transformers

Intended Audience: Anyone who has to manage data

About the presenter(s):

Patrick Connolly-Boutin is a Data Integration Developer and Certified FME Server Professional at Consortech Solutions Inc.