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How we went Pro. One organization's journey adopting ArcGIS Pro.

Presenter(s):  Brian Colson


ArcGIS Pro is a great tool to complete a brand new GIS project, but how do you deploy ArcGIS Pro within well-established teams of GIS professionals with decades of combined experience with other GIS applications. Come see how we created a grass roots effort to begin to test, study and deploy ArcGIS Pro within our organization.  We will provide insight into our journey towards adopting ArcGIS Pro, and offer some tips as to some of the things that worked (or did not work) for us.

Key Takeaway: This presentation will help the GIS community understand some of the "how do we do this" when migrating to ArcGIS Pro with teams of 15-20 analysts and developers with a wide range of experience.

Intended Audience: This presentation is ideal for any GIS professional that is looking to see first-hand and understand some steps to possibly consider when migrating to a new GIS desktop application, in this case ArcGIS Pro.

About the presenter(s):

Brian Colson is a Senior IT Systems Analyst with Salt River Project (SRP), where he is part of the Cartographic and GIS Services team which promotes better decision-making and communication through analysis and mapping.  Prior to moving to SRP five years ago, he spent nine years in the private sector with a wide range of project experience.