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High-Accuracy GPS mapping with your Smartphone or Tablet

Presenter(s):  Isaiah Mack

Abstract: This educational presentation will detail how mapping and GIS professionals are using high accuracy Bluetooth GNSS receivers with smartphones and tablets to collect and map GIS field assets at a level of accuracy and efficiency like never before. The latest advancements from US GPS, Russian GLONASS, European Galileo, and Chinese BeiDou will be detailed, as well as the latest developments in field Apps such as ESR Collector and Survey 123.  In addition, attendees will learn how mapping and GIS professionals are now achieving centimeter level accuracy, in real time, using local RTK GPS base station corrections. Finally, 3 different user success stories will be highlighted. The challenges faced, workflows transitioned, and successes achieved will be discussed.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will gain cutting edge insight and knowledge into what is possible in this new age of cloud based, connected, mobile GIS. Factors such as the proliferation of smart devices, exponential growth rate of computing power, and Geospatial technology advancements are all coming together to completely change the face of GIS as we know it.

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in learning about the latest developments in high accuracy field data collection on smartphones and tablets. Anyone interested in asset collection, maintenance, or asset management.

About the presenter(s):

Isaiah Mack Studied Environmental Science and Geology at Oregon, B.S, followed by Coastal Geomorphology and GIS at USC, M.S.  Isaiah has been working with GIS, Geospatial, and GPS for 20 years and is an expert in high accuracy GNSS.  Isaiah is the owner of Eclipse Mapping and GIS LLC covering AZ, NV, CA, and HI! Isaiah is a husband and father of three based out of Los Angeles CA.