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Hands-on Workshop on AZGIV and EMAP

Presenter(s):  Bo Guo, Shujing Li, Howard Ward

Abstract: AZGIV and EMAP are two applications that are recent additions to the thriving Arizona Geospatial Ecosystem.    AZGIV assists members in the NG911 or ARNOLD integration communities in enhancing their data submittal quality and efficiency through an online collaboration platform.  EMAP (EMergency Address Portal) assists the Arizona public safety community to improve their GIS data for emergency responses through online crowd-sourcing and collaboration.

Key Takeaway: How local agencies can use the platform to enhance and expedite NG911 / ARNOLD data quality and submittals.

Intended Audience: This workshop is for everyone who has a need to work with NG911/ARNOLD data integration at all levels of government in Arizona.

About the presenter(s):

Dr. Guo has over 25 years of GIS & IT experience in the government space.  He is the architect of AZGIV and EMAP.

Ms. Li is a graduate of ASU's MAS-GIS program.   She is the lead developer for AZGIV and EMAP.

Mr. Ward is the President of TerraSystems Southwest, Inc.  Howard is the program manager and subject matter expert.