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Dismembering ArcGIS Rest Service properties

Presenter(s):  Brian Bond

Abstract: Describe what information from ArcMap project is then translated into the properties displayed in an ArcGIS Rest Service.  I want to educate GIS professionals where details come from in the REST Service properties.

Key Takeaway: I want to try to educate other GIS professionals who create Rest Services where to put information in the ArcMap project to better inform another GIS user about the web data.  I want to educate GIS users about web services where details might be found.

Intended Audience: Any GIS professional that publishes Rest Services, a GIS professional that regularly use rest services and anyone that might want to learn more about how to understand rest service data.

About the presenter(s):

Brian Bond works for Yavapai County, lived and worked in Arizona in GIS since 1998.  Brian is a GIS developer.  Most of the time Brian is working on data administration, planning, and educating GIS users, sometime still programming (Desktop, python, and SQL), and supporting the AGIC 911 Committee.  Brian also has been in a support role with the Northern AZ GIS users group.