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AZGeo: The Road Ahead

Presenter(s):  Ryan Johnson

Abstract: AZGeo clearinghouse has fulfilled the role of providing a data clearinghouse for the State of Arizona for many years. The platform that it was built on has not seen a refresh of its hardware or software for almost four years. This has led to a stale environment that is difficult to use and lacks many of the features users have come to expect. To plan a sustainable path forward for the platform, the AZGeo Workgroup was formed. Join us to see what exciting changes are planned and learn how you can provide feedback.

Key Takeaway: Attendees will learn about the next iteration of the AZGeo Platform.

Intended Audience: Anyone that would like to know what the future holds for AZGeo.

About the presenter(s):

Ryan Johnson is the Information Services/Resource Analysis Director at the Arizona State Land Department.