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Leveraging Remote Sensing Data to Improve Safety and Reliability

Presenter(s):  Chris Schroeder


APS Forestry identified the need to transition from field collecting data on paper or spreadsheets to a mobile application platform.  A team was assembled to ensure consistent data collection attributes.  After field testing an application designed from standardized data collection attributes, it was decided Fulcrum would be piloted and used for collecting vegetation management removal data on a transmission line. LiDAR data was integrated into the data collection platform.  Field users were able to view LiDAR data with measurements identifying tree conflicts assigned to each point. The user could see exact vegetation points based on thresholds that needed to be reviewed. The data was easily collected through auto populated fields and drop downs, accessed, shared, and imported into ArcGIS.  Multiple users were able to access and collect data simultaneously. Collecting data and inspecting with Fulcrum reduced field time, human error and assisted with timely fire mitigation efforts.

Key Takeaway: Process and methods for transitioning from archaic data collections methods to a mobile app platform, standardizing data collection attributes, reducing time in the field for personnel, reducing human error, and more efficiently mitigating potential utility fire issues.

Intended Audience: People with fire, forestry, and utility focus (Fire mitigation specialist, Foresters, Utility planners, emergency response planners, etc), field data collectors and planners.

About the presenter(s):

Chris has been working in the utility forestry industry for 13 years and has several tree and forestry accreditations through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) - Certified Arborist, Certified Municipal Arborist, Certified Utility Specialist, Certified Master Arborist, and Tree Risk Assessment Qualifications.  His education is in Computer Science which has made him a unique asset to the utility forestry industry in streamlining processes and procedures with the use of technology and GIS applications.  He currently works for Arizona Public Service (APS) as a Planner in the Forestry and Special Programs Department.