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ADOT's Real Time Transportation Data Conflation

Presenter(s):  Patrick Whiteford, Shaun Perfect


As part of new federal reporting requirements ADOT has been working with HERE and INRIX to collect real time data from personal devices.  This data is being leveraged also by local agenices to better understand system performance. ADOT worked with its local constituents to set targets to improve congestion and route reliability.  This presentation will discuss methods used to properly conflate the data to a route network, lessons learned and best practices that can be used to help others implement with ease.

Key Takeaway: How to best leverage the real time data and methods to conflate the data to a route network.

Intended Audience: Transportation professionals and local agencies that wish to leverage real time data for analysis purposes.

About the presenter(s):

Mr. Whiteford has over 12 years of professional experience in transportation related GIS.  Mr. Whiteford is the Geospatial Analysis Section Manager at ADOT's Multi-model Planning Division and has been with ADOT for 7 years.  Patrick earned his Master's Degree from Arizona State University in GIS and is a certified GIS Professional.  He is knowledgeable on the intricacies of Linear Referencing Systems and Roadway Characteristic data editing.

Shaun Perfect has worked in the GIS profession for over 5 years - with a majority of that time within transportation GIS. He has a bachelor's degree in geography and urban planning with a certification in GIS from the Arizona State University. Shaun currently has a role in providing transportation solutions for Works Consulting and has a strong background in GIS roadway characteristics data analysis and editing.