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7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Launching an Enterprise Drone Program

Presenter(s):  Brian Soliday


According to a 2017 Pew Research Poll, when asked how they would feel if they saw a drone flying close to where they live, relatively large shares of Americans say they would be curious (58%) or interested (45%). At the same time, around one-in-four (26%) say they would be nervous, and around one-in-ten say this would make them feel angry (12%) or scared (11%).   The sentiment in large companies mimics that of the majority of Americans; executives are curious and interested in the benefits of the rapidly evolving drone industry are cautiously moving faster to implement drone strategies. In working with large companies to implement drone programs, Juniper Unmanned has seen that skepticism about the ROI is often not the biggest objection internal champions face when launching or scaling a drone program.  Executives throughout these companies need to see a well-managed, efficient, safe and professional program that provides business value, encourages public acceptance, minimizes liability.

Key Takeaway: Key takeaways from this presentation will be the characteristics and practices of a well-managed, efficient, safe and professional UAS program that provides business value, encourages public acceptance, and minimizes liability.  ROI and increase in efficiencies will also be common themes addressed throughout the presentation.

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in developing a safe, successful, and sustainable UAS program within their government agency or company should attend this presentation.

About the presenter(s):

Brian Soliday has 30 years of extensive experience working in sales, marketing and channel development within the GIS and remote sensing industries.  He currently serves as Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Juniper Unmanned.  His career includes CRO, VP and director level positions with leading geospatial organizations such as Autodesk, Trimble, Space Imaging, LizardTech, Intermap, and TerraGo.  Mr. Soliday has presented at over 75 geospatial events on an international basis and has written articles for numerous publications.