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3D Mapping a Historic Western Film Studio

Presenter(s):  Nikolas Smilovsky, Chris Lukinbeal

Abstract: This research investigated the geography and built environments of famous film production sets at the historic film studio Old Tucson in southern Arizona. Some famous movies filmed at this location include The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Three Amigos, and Tombstone. The team consisted of researchers from University of Arizona and Arizona State University. The team utilized the Esri software ArcGIS Pro, Collector for ArcGIS, and Drone2Map in coordination with high accuracy Bad Elf GPS and a DJI Phantom III unmanned aerial system to inclusively map the remarkable site. Additionally a GeoSlam LiDAR unit was leverage to collect street-level data and inside of the buildings. This presentation reviews the mapping methodology taken to effectively capture, processes, and analyze these data in the Esri ecosystem. Specifically the procedures of proper flight planning and ground control layout, effective GPS data collection, appropriate UAV data processing, and comprehensive data QA/QC are reviewed.

Key Takeaway: We utilized cost effective mapping solutions to comprehensively 3D document a historic site for the sake of historical preservation and future site analysis. This presentation reviews best management practices to appropriately collect, process, and analyze GPS corrected UAV data.

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in UAVs, LiDAR, 3D data acquisition, high accuracy GNSS calibration, Drone2Map, ArcGIS Pro, or Collector for ArcGIS should attend. Special attention is also given to UAV best management practices.

About the presenter(s):

Dr. Nikolas Smilovsky is currently a faculty member at ASU's The Design School teaching classes on GIS, surveying, and site design. He is a GISP, certified arborist, certified FAA Part 107 UAV pilot, and has his PhD in behavioral geography.

Dr. Chris Lukinbeal is an associate professor and director of the GIST program at the University of Arizona.