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Instructor Led Workshop

Instructors: Cat Moody

Workshop Description: 

This hands on workshop will introduce you to using Avenza Map Publisher, a software product that integrates with Adobe Illustrator. It will cover how to bring GIS data into the software, develop map views, themes, and styles, work with attributes, labeling functions, graticules and exporting to a Geospatial PDF.

Experience with Illustrator (or even Photoshop) is recommended. If you do not have any experience with Illustrator or Photoshop you are welcome to attend as an observer. In this instance you would not be seated at a computer, but would be able to set in open seating at the back of the room. If coming as an observer, do not register but do arrive 5-10 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to begin so that you can get a seat at the back of the room. Seating in the back is first-come, first serve.

Fully-configured laptops will be provided for up to 18 attendees.